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Through international competitions and training we are able to utilize sports to create sustainable social change by instilling the values of healthy living, inclusivity, leadership, equality, discipline, education and cultural understanding. The knowledge and experience gained from international athletic exchanges is invaluable and contributes to mutual understanding and awareness. Fundagol's support of team sports builds stronger, healthier, happier, and safer communities and kids.



Soccer is the most played sport in the world, but only the elite few are able to participate at an international level. This is where Fundagol steps in. Fundagol provides an equal opportunity for kids to compete at the international level through tournaments and training, and engage in life-changing cultural exchange with others from all over the world. 



To achieve our mission Fundagol created the BA Cup, an international soccer tournament held every July in Buenos Aires for players ages 6 and up. BA Cup is in its 7th year and hosts over 130 teams from 15 countries, making it the most international amateur soccer tournament in all of Latin America. 


BA Cup combines South America’s unyielding passion for soccer with cultural exchange and educational opportunies for players, coaches and parents to connect with different cultures, learn new skills, and compete at the international level.


Fundagol selects deserving teams and players from communities from all over the world to experience soccer in Buenos Aires, Argentina and participate in BA Cup. 

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