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Through soccer, players are exposed to different cultures, opportunities for international competition, and the chance to create life-long friendships. 


With Fundagol, players step outside of their comfort zones and engage with the global soccer community in ways they would never otherwise be able to participate. Additionally, deserving players are provided exposure to collegiate and professional coaches and scouts. 


International soccer trips provide the unique opportunity to interact with athletes of different backgrounds, experiences, languages, races, genders and abilities. 


Exploring new cultures helps players to better understand themselves and the complex world around them, thereby developing the self-confidence needed to reach out, make lasting connections and build tolerance of others' beliefs.


Soccer touches every level of society, from the back alleys and sandlots to multimillion-dollar stadiums. This accessible and universal sport breaks down barriers and bridges communities.  


Participation in international soccer tournaments enables players to learn about and respect other cultures. Soccer is a powerful game that develops and creates our future leaders by teaching the values of acceptance, teamwork, dedication, and healthy living.



Fundagol aims to provide an equal opportunity for underserved communities to experience global and multicultural exchange through international soccer competitions, tournaments, and training.

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