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Fundagol hosts several projects throughout the year for teams and players from around the world. Our major project is the BA Cup in Argentina, a unique event designed to host international teams and expose players to multiple cultures in a single setting. Throughout the year we also organize smaller international trips and coaching clinics for athletes.







Fundagol uses soccer, the world’s most played and beloved sport as a platform to provide athletes from disadvantaged communities with the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and socially through non-English language acquisition, cross-cultural emersion, and soccer activities. 


Each year Fundagol selects teams and players from these communities across the USA and abroad to experience playing soccer internationally.  International soccer trips are provided at little to zero cost for qualifying players whom we believe will benefit from this unique opportunity. 

Fundagol likes to follow in the footsteps of some of the worlds best soccer players -Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona - and take teams to Argentina where we believe the passion for the game and level of play are unparalleled. In Argentina, not only will teams be able to play at a high level and receive excellent coaching, they will be challenged by a new language, culture, and customs.  Exposure to difference helps open the mind and develop a deeper understanding for those around us. By playing in one of the world's most renowned soccer destinations we believe that players will be motivated to continue to play soccer in their communities and as a result, promote sustainable change.

Fundagol uses the generous donations from our donors to lead guided trips to the following venues:


International Tournaments:

Tournaments are a great opportunity to play with teams from all over the world at the same time. Players feel pride representing their country while being exposed to a multitude of new faces and styles of play.


Training Trips:

Living and training with the locals provides a more personalized experience for players. We handpick the competition and coaching staff so that players improve and are inspired to keep playing once returning home.

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